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There are a few different ways I price clock services and repairs.

Most antique clocks for a service which is taking out the movement giving it a complete cleaning, oiling, adjusting and re-assembling the clock would be a flat fee on most mantle or wall clocks is $95.00.

If I were to come to your house to service a grandfather clock, which includes going to your house taking out your movement, pendulum and weights then taking them back to the shop and giving your movement a full cleaning, oiling, setting it up on my rack so I can run it. Then assuming nothing is wrong, I would adjust the beat make sure it’s running properly and deliver and set it back up and in most cases if nothing else is wrong would cost $295.00 plus tax.

If a problem were to arise, or it is already not working, depending on the type of Grandfather clock you have, the price may vary. I would always call and advise you if there is more of a problem and it may cost more than expected and would go over the details with you. I do take pictures of any problems so you would know that I’m being sincere and honest.

I do service and repair cuckoo clocks for $95.00 plus tax also; unless it has a music box then it would be $115.00 plus tax.

I offer quick, professional, in-home clock repair and maintenance for the New Jersey / Pennsylvania area. I will show up at your door and service your clocks in the most cost effective manner. I’ll service and repair any grandfather clock at any location within our service area for the same low price.

If you've been looking for an easy way to have your clocks repaired, you have just found the best solution

Call Dale at Dales Antique Clocks today for an appointment toll-free at (973) 262-5835.

You and your clock will be very satisfied.

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